Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Month Goes By

No one reads this.  But it's good for me to write once in awhile, I guess.

It's been a horrible month.  It began with an incredibly horrible experience in Florida last month and life continues to suck.  I have seen him maybe three times and not for longer than 45 minutes at a time.  We're friends - I have no idea how we got here - but we're friends.  We don't act like partners, we don't talk like partners - just friends.  And it absolutely infuriates me that we can't talk about it.  Does he assume everything is fine?  Or is the obvious really the truth?  I mean, sometimes what appears to be obvious is opposite of truth.  So that just adds to my frustration.

Looking for a new place to live and going to try out the room mate situation.  Honestly not sure if it will work but we'll find out.  We're friends and I really hope living together for awhile does not destroy that.  I couldn't hand another failed relationship.

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